RelationShifts Show Guest – Be Wonder-Full

RelationShifts Show-Dar

I’m super psyched that you would like to be on the RelationShifts show.

Fill out this form and we’ll schedule a time to connect by Zoom or Phone to learn about each other, your contribution to shifting how we think, love, and live…and get a date booked to have you on our show!

P.S.  there’s more info. on our show below the form.  You may want to mozy down the page and check it out.

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Here’s our Mantra for Our Shows

  • Relax
  • Have Fun
  • Laugh
  • Go With the Flow
  • Ensure we bring fabulous value to our listeners/viewers
  • Focus on the topic and talking points for the show episode
  • Stick with your previously agreed upon topic that ties to the episode show theme

Our Show Format

  • 45 Minutes tops!
  • Introduction of the Show Episode Topic
  • Introduction of You (from your supplied bio)
  • Launch into Mutual Dialogue about the Episode Topic
  • Close the show with link information, any special offers, and thank our Guest.

Regarding Self-Promotion

Hey, we’re doing this for fun plus collaboration and contribution to shifting how we think, love, and live!

And…we both also have a business to operate.

We are here to offer value to our viewers/listeners.  We prefer to include promotion of your product in your bio and again at the end of the show.

Promotion of 1 product or service is encouraged and must be related to our previously agreed upon topic. We do ask that you promote our show and our free quiz to your networks as mutual reciprocity.

Revenue sharing is an option we are open to for cross-promotion of products/services.  Let’s discuss these details when we book you on the show.