Nurture Your Nature

What if…

You Could Honor Your Nature?

You are Loved and Accepted For Who You Are?

You Knew Your Unique Brilliance is a Gift?

What If It Does Not Matter What People Think or Say About You?

NurtureYourNature with Dr. Dar


Hi, I am Dr. Dar, LoveAbility Coach, creator of the LoveAbility Quiz and the Love Consciousness Elevator.

I remember one day as a child my parents, brother, and I were driving to a family member’s home.  The drive would take a few hours, so I settled in for a nap in the back seat. I needed more naps than the ‘normal’ child.

I remember my father firmly saying,

“you have so much to see, stop sleeping.”

Throughout my childhood, I remember being asked

”why can’t you be like so and so’s daughter?”


”go and spend time with so and so’s daughter, she is a good girl “

I was being told what I was supposed to do, how I was supposed to be, with little consideration as to who I actually was!  You see, my mother and brother are social butterflies, outgoing, and extroverted, me, not so much. In order to be more like them, I forced myself to be more outgoing and extroverted as I grew up because that is how I was told to be…but was it me…really??

I had a more than 20 years long career in the fast-paced, dynamic, political, and intense environments of Information Technology and Banking, I worked through mergers and acquisitions, I was the corporate “go to” person and I spoke the language and moved in that world with skill.  I was all about work and proving I was worthy.  I worked hard and I played hard at extreme extroversion.

At that time, all the personality tests I took confirmed that I was an extrovert. They also told me I am a people person, along with many other things.

And yet, I still felt in my heart that I did not fit in all the various sandboxes I had played in.

The reality was, the answers I gave to the personality tests were answers that were programmed into my consciousness. My answers weren’t so much, how I really felt, but how I thought I should feel, and so of course, I would be labeled completely wrong!

I was programmed to do what I was expected to do in order to ‘fit’ into the world.

And yet, I did not fit in. And I was too afraid to admit it. 

Fast forward to today.

  • Today, I find myself no longer in the system of Corporate America.
  • I find myself creating my own path in my business and my life, honoring what feels good.
  • I’ve discovered that I truly am in the middle of introversion and extraversion
  • I find myself in the middle quite a bit in many areas of life.
  • The one size fits all solution does not fit me. I am DESIGNED to be different.


And there’s a very good reason for that

You see, that’s because one of my Super Powers is to see and understand various vantage points, perspectives, and find common ground…a way to coexist. In Human Design, this is called “A Projector”

As a Projector, it is part of my Human Design to bring ideas together in a way that makes sense to others.

I find myself expanding as I nurture my Projector nature. I now have chosen to honor my nature. And because I have honored who I truly am, I find myself belonging, fitting in, and being loved for who I am today more than ever.


Be-Cause I am clear about my nature, what it takes to nurture it, and I no longer put myself or allow others to put me in the systematized boxes that exist.

How did I become clear about my nature?  It’s through this body of work called Human Design.

I often get asked…”What’s Human Design?”

Nurture Your Nature - Human Design with Dr. Dar

A Google search reveals many, many answers to the question.

The problem is…there’s no simple way to explain it…and yet when you discover your Human Design type…you recognize it immediately!

A good explanation of Human Design comes from the Jovian Archive a leading authority in Human Design:

“The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. … It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system that offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out if it works for you.”

My way of explaining it is…

Human Design is a body of work that, when experienced, affirms patterns in your life that you may have already observed. It helps you understand why you move in the world the way you do. You will discover traits that are truly yours (like being a combination of an introvert and extrovert) and habits that you are carrying around that are NOT YOU (like trying to be a social butterfly, when that just didn’t sit right with my soul).

And through this understanding, it gives you your own way of connecting with others in your life by giving you 3 simple strategies for being and living now…as the Unique You.

Those three strategies are:

  1. How to make decisions that are correct and completely authentic for you.
  2. How to recognize the parts of you floating around in your consciousness that are inauthentic
  3. How to discover what truly motivates you and how to use a single question to propel you to action.

It is truly something to be experienced and I have personally found it to be so incredibly liberating to move in the world now as me.

Not the girl who should be “the good Indian girl”.

Not the girl who has to be social “like everybody else”

Not the girl who has to be  “a mover and shaker in the corporate world” in order to survive

Instead, I am a woman who is assured and confident and totally ok with breaking the mold.

I invite you to experience it for yourself!

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